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Cake Stories #4 - I Am Without Form

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Today’s Cake:

Today’s cake is a combo - New York Cheesecake and Apple Cinammon Roll from Zeit fur Brot in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The cheesecake is creamy, decadent, delicious. It has a hint of lemon and so much creamy cream cheese and a delicious crumble crust underneath. It hits the spot

The Cinnamon role is big and round, filled with layers of dough, cinnamon and apples.

Each cake has a completely different shape. Totally different forms. And yet each cake fulfills a desire for something sweet, decadent, and so many more intangible things.

What I’m thinking about:

As I take a bite, I am reminded that form is merely a thing we can see. It’s a shape we are given, a name, a structure, a place. It makes us feel comfortable. We can identify it and, therefore, easily communicate it. We can share it with others, in all it’s formed glory.

But form is also an illusion. A box to which we attach ourselves.

“I am Amanda. I’m a Leadership Coach. I live in Berlin.”

Each one of these conveys meaning and tells you something about me. Each one of them gives you the comfort of knowing who I am and where I stand in the world.

And yet, form says so little about who I really am.

Where in my form is the space for my compassion? Or my heartache at watching animals in need? Or the ravens I dutifully feed cashews every day?

Where in my form is the impact I have on the world? The things people come to me for? My raison d'être?

I’ve become so attached to my own forms and definitions of self that I’ve lost who I really am, beneath the label I’ve given myself to make others around me comfortable with who I am. To feel they truly understand and know me.

Who am I really - without any form at all?

I am heartfelt, loving, caring, concerned, generous, joyous, light, free, happy, inspiring, bold, and limitless. I see the world through the eyes of “why not” and dance with my creativity on a daily basis. I learn something new every day and in every way I can - through training, through friends, through love, through nature. I am continuously evolving - changing my nature and lifting others up alongside me.

I am, without a doubt, formless.

I allow my wild and free heart to take the reins and pull me towards that place where my energy comes to life and I am aligned in my heart, body, and soul. I carry the power of transformation, continuously reinventing myself and every single person who’s life and heart connect with mine.

I am not a form. I am a constant revolution of energy, light, healing, power, and courage.

The world has limitless potential when I release myself from form and begin to imagine myself as all that I keep tucked away inside that shape that I’ve given myself.

Who are you when you release yourself from your form?