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    I am an expert in leadership. I've been an expert in leadership my entire life.


    In fact, in a previous organization where I worked, my gift was helping people feel so highly valued that their energy grew exponentially.


    When you feel highly valued and your energy grows, momentum builds. And when people feel highly valued and they feel energized and momentum builds - shit gets done.


    That’s leadership.


    If you're ready to truly lead - schedule a discovery call with me.

  • Helping Leaders Become Heart-Centered


    The Courage Factory helps leaders clarify their inner purpose to feel confident and fulfilled in their work and life. We design & deliver innovative leadership development and coaching programs online or face-to-face.

  • Want to be a great leader?

    Learn the 5 Easy Changes My Clients Make to Become Better Leaders

  • AMANDA PARKER | Founder of The Courage Factory and Online Leadership Coach dedicated to helping you connect to your confidence, courage, and purpose.

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