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Cake Stories #3 - "Boredom" Can Bring Joy & Fulfillment

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Today’s Cake:

Today’s cake is a raspberry marzipan cream cake from Anne Blume (?) in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

This is the mother of all cakes. There are decadent layers of delicious raspberry cream with a folded back layer of marzipan on top and a sprinkling of white chocolate where the marzipan used to lie. The actual cake inside is soft and moist.

German cakes tend to go light on the sugar - it is the perfect amount of sweet and delicious. Truly, I am in heaven with this one!

What I’m thinking about:

I’m enjoying this cake in the comfort of my kitchen with a very good friend of mine who has come to spend the day co-working with me in the living room. We’re both exhausted from a long day of putting our brains to work - and relish in the decadent flavor of Anne Blume’s exquisite creations.

I’m contemplating what I’ll work on next. Recognizing that I’ve poured my heart and soul into launching the Leading Virtual Teams Online Course and have absolutely no idea what to do next. How to keep sharing the value of the course, how to get more students enrolled, how to help more people to show up as better leaders for their teams during the continuing pandemic.

It’s as though all of the energy I poured into the project literally left my body and seeped out to the tangled interwebs - leaving me feeling fulfilled, accomplished, happy, and ready to move on to the next thing.

It really makes me aware of the fact that each of us on this Earth has a set of skills, talents, and passions for a reason. Perhaps mine is to create magic - while someone else has the desire to bring the magic to life for others (ahem - marketers) or to get other people on board (sales people and community builders).

The role of an entrepreneur is to wear every single hat at once. The creator, the sales woman, the marketer, the financial advisor, the book keeper, the project manager, the operations manager, the…. How many other roles could there possibly be in a business of one?

And yet, I realize just how grateful I am to be surrounded by so many talented friends and colleagues who have different skillsets from my own, who are willing to share their wisdom and knowledge with me so that I might focus my time on where it is I truly excel - and they can do the same.

Passion is another way of checking in with where you get your energy. What part of the process lights you up. THAT is your passion. That is where you create magic in the world for everyone to see.

So as I finish my marzipan coma - I am reminded that even in the “boredom” (believe me, this isn’t the first time I’ve had this cake!) can come joy and fulfillment. The so-called-slog of keeping on keeping on to bring my work to the greater world has a whole other set of learning challenges and personal growth opportunities - to see just how much I can stick it out and believe in myself. And just how my patience I can truly have when my own work (and business) are at stake.