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How to Set Meaningful & Powerful Goals for 2021

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On Tuesday, 12th January The Courage Factory’s Amanda Parker led a 90-Minute Virtual Masterclass on transforming your 2021 through meaningful goals and visions for the future. A lovely group of you leaders, learners, creators, and dreamers joined from all corners of the globe to take a deep look into who it is you’re becoming and what kinds of milestones will help you to reach your vision.

We meditated, we visualized, we danced, we laughed, we reflected, and we shared what was in our hearts.

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By attending this Masterclass you hoped to:

  • Have clarity about what you want to achieve in 2021
  • Reflect on what is truly most important to you
  • Start your year with a clear intention
  • Meet like-minded men & women who are on the same journey as you
  • Feel empowered to reach your personal goals

After our 90-minutes together, you had the chance to experience the magic of Alchemy and see yourself and your future more clearly. Together, we journeyed through the following experiences:


  • You participated in a short mediation to ground and become fully present in your body and the moment
  • You connected to why you joined and what you hoped to get out of our time together
  • Your imagination was activated, giving you the space to dream even bigger

Understanding your Future Self

  • Through visualization and meditation you had the opportunity to meet your future self and gain clarity on some of the big questions you have about your life and purpose
  • You received guidance for what matters most in your life
  • You gained clarity on the direction your life will take and who it is you are becoming (even if you don’t yet know how)

Reflecting on the Pillars of your Life

  • You had the opportunity to navigate the various pillars of your life that matter most to you and determine how satisfied you are with each of these areas
  • You dug into which area(s) of your life need the most support and attention – giving you clarity for where it’s most important to set meaningful future goals
  • You learned not to aim for perfection, but to simply make the ride of life smoother

Setting Goals & Action Planning

  • Through the Alchemy Goal Setting you began to dream a bit bigger, to reflect on what it will take to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow, and you set simple steps and milestones to help you reach your bigger goal
  • You also shared your commitments to your next, smallest step that brings you closer into alignment with your heart
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For some, the experiences were completely new and I congratulate you for showing up and diving in, for trusting me and trusting the process to bring you meaning in the end. For others you were willing to show up with an open-mind and new awareness, to experience what was once familiar to you in a new light.

In a span of only 90-minutes there was stillness, movement, new awareness, and laughter. And I can only hope you walked away with a deeper sense of resolve to live a truly wholehearted life.

Thanks for the great feedback that’s already been shared!

Here’s what you had to say:

“I was challenged to consider my current ways of thinking and propose new paths forward to begin my goals and carry them towards success.” - Sophia Comas

“It was a pleasure to attend your workshop, thanks for creating these sessions and a space for women from different walks of life to feel safe, to connect, and to share. And thank you for the Year-End reflections guide. It's been a great tool, I really enjoyed filling it out.” - Clara Deege

“What a great gathering- loved being a part of it. You did a fantastic job!” - Marcy Porus-Gottlieb

“Thanks for hosting, Amanda. I always really enjoy what you create...The visualization was really powerful and I didn’t expect to be able to get as clear of an image as I was able to.” - Ashlee Sang

Thanks again to all of you who showed up!

And to the many others who signed up and were unable to get out of other obligations to be present. Everyone who signed up will receive access to the playback and an exclusive offer only for participants of this Masterclass. If you want to continue to grow as a business leader, entrepreneur, or creator the second cohort of Alchemy is kicking off on 1st March.

Please continue to share your commitments and other takeaways from today’s masterclass in the social sphere (I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) - Be sure to tag me in your post!

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Hi, I'm Amanda.

I’m the Founder of The Courage Factory and Creator of the Alchemy Transformational Leadership Program. I help business leaders, entrepreneurs and creators do the deep inner work to show up to their business and life with their whole heart.

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