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Now is the Time to Be Human

This is a call to arms to check your own humanity.
· Personal Growth

As a collective we are being called upon to be human. What that means for each of us may look different. Each and every one of us has a gift to share (or multiple gifts) and we have the unique opportunity to truly bring them forth in a way that both empowers us and serves others.

It’s a time for deep reflection. For taking a look at how we have been living our lives. For the ways in which spend our time. For connecting on a deeper level to those around us. The people we care about — our family and friends — and the people we work with — our colleagues and allies.

We have the chance to question if we’re happy with who we are in the world and with the impact we’re making. We have the chance to decide if we are happy with the lives we are leading. Or if, perhaps, we’ve been letting things slip for too long into a life we no longer enjoy.

As each of us takes stock of our loved ones and the bits and pieces that make up our lives, we become acutely aware of what we are grateful to hold onto, and what we would gladly let go of.

In short, our true colors are starting to show. Who we really want to be is coming to the surface, and overshadowing the personality we’ve built to bring into the world each and every day.

The words we use to comfort others, the way we spend our time when no one is looking, and the activities we choose to take on when the outside world is shut out (or we’re shut out from the outside world), all have something to teach us. Within this space is a message of depth, talent, passion, and courage.

This is your chance to recognize what it is you wish to bring to the world, and what gifts you want to bring to the table. It is no accident that while the whole world goes on standby to preserve life, you reflect on your own life and ask yourself, “Am I truly happy?”

I wish you compassion, courage, and healing in this time of great upheaval. And, more than anything, I wish for you to find what it is that truly lights you up and brings you a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

Your gifts are meant to be shared with the world.

Amanda Parker, Leadership Coach & Founder of The Courage Factory, works with leaders, like you, who want to find more fulfillment and purpose in their life and work.

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