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Lean Into Your Purpose

Or being totally okay if you don’t have one, single life purpose

· Personal Growth

Values. Boundaries. Life Purpose. All of these words trigger something for each of us, but often we find it difficult to actually identify what each of these means in the context of our own lives. In theory, I understand the concept of “Life Purpose” I use it in my coaching, I understand when other people use it, I understand the power it can bring to be totally aligned with your purpose and use the gift of that knowledge to make waves in the world.

However, when it comes to defining my own life purpose, I find myself falling flat. No, this is not a post to explain how wonderful it is here on Cloud 9 where all of us live aligned to our purpose and only act within our values. Sure, that’s an aspiration, but even as a trained coach it takes a while, maybe a lifetime, to get there.

I had a call with my own coach recently and we discussed my life purpose. I spoke about rushing water and energy and momentum and courage and inspiration. I spoke animatedly and felt a surge of power and enthusiasm. And then I wrote out a Life Purpose statement and felt completely unaligned and unenthused about everything that had, only 5 minutes before, felt like magic.

I felt like I was trying to fit stardust onto a post-it. Magic just doesn’t belong on a post-it. It belongs in my heart, in my blood, pumping through my veins giving me life force. It begs not to be defined by to be felt. To be lived.

What is it about humans always trying to define the undefinable? Why do we feel secure in labels and paradigms and cultural norms that remove us from the very essence of deep, internal knowing?

I have a purpose of bringing stunning energy and life force to the people I meet. They can be swept up in it, they can let it wash over them, or they can simply move out of the way. But every single person will be impacted. They will take a moment and think “whoa, what was that”. They will face their reality and decide if they are ready to do the hard work and dig deeper, or if they are blissful in their place of comfort and happy to remain where they are.

My purpose can be felt. It can be intuited. I can put it into words to verbalize it’s expression, but it will never hold the same magic as it does as I feel it rushing through my body, convincing me to let it free.

Amanda is a Leadership Coach who specializes in empowering women to clarify their vision and unlock the courage to make transformational changes in their lives.

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