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Cake Stories #5 - What Breaks Your Heart?

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Today's Cake:

Today's Cake is a series of Petite Fours from a small bakery in Templehof, Berlin. Each piece of cake has its own flavor - one filled with lemon cream, another with raspberry, and the third with walnut.

And, in typical German fashion, each cake has an outer layer of marzipan (which some might argue is god's greatest gift to man). I am so grateful for every bite and wonder how I survived my childhood eating cakes only covered in icing and without a hint of almond. If you disagree, you are wrong.

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What I'm Thinking About:

In Glennon Doyle's book Untamed I learned that paying attention to what breaks your heart is a lighted path to your life's work. Certain causes or injustices tug at your heart strings incessantly - whether it's children living in poverty, animal welfare, social injustice, racial inequality, or environmental destruction. Each one of our hearts break for something.

It's safe to say that all of us are experiencing some form of heartbreak today - with so much pain and suffering in the world - from #blacklivesmatter to the coronavirus pandemic, to the refugee crisis. There is so much to hurt for and collectively we experience the heartache of our friends, family, neighbors, and fellow humans.

It's a time of raw awakening - of opening our eyes to the pain of the world and for deciding who we want to be and how we want to show up for what we believe in. This is a time to pay attention to our heartbreak, to listen to our inner knowing, and to commit ourselves to be a part of the healing.

So what is it that breaks your heart?