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What is Coaching?

Is it the most important relationship in your life?

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Coaching can seem like a buzzword these days and there are so many different types of coaches, it can be hard to know why you should work with a coach, or what kind of coach would be the right fit for you.

So while it is impossible to tell you in such a short space everything you can gain from working with a coach - I will try my best to help you understand just why this relationship may be the most meaningful you’ll ever have in your life - because working with a coach helps you to fall deeply in love with yourself.

On the surface, coaching is a deep and meaningful conversation that helps you to get in touch with what might otherwise feel difficult or impossible to reach. As the client, you are responsible for bringing your full self to your coaching relationship and asking for what it is you need - from your coach AND from yourself. Coaching is not light-touch, it demands an open-mind, honest communication, and raw connection to what matters to you and whatever might be standing in your path as you navigate towards your inner purpose.

Your coach isn’t there to tell you what to think, how to act, or to give you advice on the “best” way forward. What you think is always your choice. Your coach is, however, there to help you think more deeply about what it is that truly matters to you and to help you make conscious choices in your life. Coaching embodies the belief that you always have a choice.

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Your coach helps you think on purpose, and with skill. Your coach teaches you how to ask yourself the right questions. Your coach helps you to see that you truly have all the answers within yourself.

Coaching is not magic, but it does bring depth and awareness into parts of yourself that you may have never paid attention to before. So while I still believe that coaching itself isn’t magic - it can be learned - the process of coming to know yourself more deeply definitely feels mystical.

When you bring every part of yourself to the table - the professional side, the social side, the parent side, the lover side, the kickass business woman (or man) side, the… you name it... side, you are giving yourself an unmatched opportunity to figure out what it is that truly motivates you and utilizing the accountability from working with your coach to actually go for it.

Coaching helps you address the question of where your life is headed, and if you’re going there on purpose. It gives you the chance to take a step back and think about where you are in life and if it’s truly the life you want to be living.

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Coaching gives you the gift of self-compassion and deep understanding. It is transformative self-love - for when you get to know who you really are beneath the surface, you cannot help but fall in love with your own essence.

No matter what type of coach you work with, or what challenges you bring to your sessions, coaching will transform you. So the only question to ask yourself is not whether or not coaching is worth it, but rather are you truly ready to transform your life.

Amanda Parker, Leadership Coach & Founder of The Courage Factory, works with leaders, like you, who want to find more fulfillment and purpose in their life and work.

Through coaching with Amanda, you will clarify your purpose & values, and start to feel confident in your ability to inspire, engage, and lead others.

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