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  • Experience the Power of Reiki Energy Healing to Get Unstuck and Transform Your Life

    What is Reiki?

    Reiki, (ray-kee) meaning “universal life energy”, was developed by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui over 100 years ago. It is a holistic healing method based on a simple principle: We’re all guided by the same invisible life force, and it influences our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


    Reiki is used to balance, heal and harmonize all aspects of a person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and it can also be used to promote personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing. Many describe Reiki sessions—a combination of light touch and above-the-body energy sweeping—as calming or grounding. And for others, it feels more like an emotional realignment.​

    Reiki energy is transmitted through my hands to you during a Reiki session following the techniques and traditions that have been passed down through many generations. With direction and intention, this healing energy flows throughout your body and energy centers (such as the chakras and meridians), and helps to relieve stress, release blocked energy, promote relaxation, increase awareness, relieve pain (acute and chronic), increase energy and peace of mind and allow the natural processes of your body to work at optimal conditions.


    This highly intelligent and creative energy flows exactly where it is most needed in the body in a natural, safe and completely non-invasive way. Reiki can promote a sense of calm, relieve stress and anxiety, accelerate physical healing and bring clarity.

    Reiki is an amazing and creative energy that can also be used in distance healing sessions.

    How Can Reiki Help You?

    Gain Clarity


    Having difficulty making big decisions or feeling too much inner noise and anxiety? Reiki can help you to slow down your thoughts and find clarity on what is truly important and worthwhile in your life.

    Release Negativity

    Feeling negative or anxious about where you are in your life and career? Reiki can help you to release these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that sabotage your life and happiness.

    Find Inner Peace

    Reiki can help you discover the deeper aspects of yourself and reconnect with your heart and inner power. It can support you on your path of self-discovery and finding deep inner-peace.

    Energize Your Dreams

    Have a vision you've been dreaming of, but haven't known how or where to get started? We can charge your ideas with Reiki and watch them manifest like magic in the best way for yourself and those around you.

    Get Unstuck

    Feeling blocked - like you want to move forward but can't seem to take action? Reiki can heal subconscious conditioning, habits, and patterns so you can stop feeling stuck.

    Reduce Stress

    A Reiki treatment can help you to calm stress and rejuvenate your body and mind. With the pace of life and work it can be difficult to find a moment of peace to oneself - Reiki gives you the space you need to let go and relax.

  • Distance Reiki Sessions

    Energy healing is not limited to a specific time and space - and can be transferred across distance and other perceived boundaries. Reiki is an intelligent and creative energy which can be sent and received from all corners of the globe, or even from one room to another.


    Both the giver and receiver of Reiki receive the benefits of this powerful healing energy. In Reiki individuals benefit from the trust they develop in their own intuition. The only requirement is a clear intention, your willingness to receive healing energy, and a traditional Reiki technique.

    What does a Distance Reiki session look like?

    • First we meet on a video call for an introductory conversation
    • Then you find a comfortable place to lie down where you won't be disturbed. I recommend you create a warm and inviting space for yourself with candles, and personal objects which have resonance for you (e.g. crystal, plant, etc).
    • Play some soothing music that will support your relaxation
    • I send you Reiki energy throughout the healing session, while you are lying down comfortable at home
    • Once we finish, I will share what I experienced during the session and welcome you to share what the experience was like for you as well

    50-Min. Distance Reiki Treatment + 10 Mins Talk Time is 55€


    (space is limited to 2 clients per week)

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