• Creating Heart-Centered Businesses

    The Courage Factory works with organizations, like yours, to help you lead with confidence, courage, and purpose.

  • Our Leadership Approach Includes

    (delivered virtually or face-to-face)

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    Our signature leadership program

    Customized Leadership Programs & Masterclasses

    Team Events & Workshops

  • We also work with you to design custom solutions to overcome your biggest leadership challenges.

    (Leadership programs, masterclasses, team events, and workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face)

  • Are your leaders leading with confidence, courage & purpose?

    You're committed to helping your leaders build the skills and confidence they need to be great at what they do. The Courage Factory can help.

  • The Courage Factory Solutions

    Courage & Virtual Leadership

    A 3-week intensive virtual leadership program to bring your leadership into the future. Work together with inspiring senior executives who are navigating the changing world of work and leadership alongside you. Learn valuable new behaviors, tools, and mindsets to excel as a hybrid leader and design the future of work for your organization.


    This Program Includes:

    • Expert facilitators and coaches guiding you through the entire process
    • World-renowned subject matter experts and leaders coming in to give inspiring and perspective-changing talks
    • Real-world challenges that you and your peers are facing every day
    • Intimate peer-learning discussions to share experiences and learn from others
    • The latest in values-based leadership, design thinking, and emotional intelligence to transform into a future-thinking leader

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    Give your leaders greater clarity about their leadership style & strengths and help them tackle their biggest leadership challenges through continued support and accountability.

    • 6 or 12-month coaching programs, with option to include full-day intensives
    • Unmatched accountability & support
    • Increased self-awareness (understand strengths & development needs)
    • Deeper connection to inner purpose & essence
    • Clarity on leadership style and vision
    • Greater sense of fulfillment and purpose
    • Tools & techniques to inspire & engage teams

    (Coaching programs are customized based on the business & individual leader's needs - investment begins at £5.000 GBP)

    Leadership Programs & Masterclasses*

    The Courage Factory offers leadership programs and masterclasses for teams and organizations to help leaders:

    • Feel confident in their ability to lead their teams in uncertainty and ambiguity
    • Learn how to empower & engage their teams, whether hybrid or face-to-face
    • Communicate more effectively
    • Learn new tools, behaviors, and mindsets to show up as an inspirational leader

    We also work with you to design customized solutions to fit the needs of your organization.

    (All programs can be designed and delivered virtually or face-to-face, investment customized to individual team / organization's needs)

  • Getting Results That Matter

    The Courage Factory works closely with you and your organization's leaders to identify the most effective solutions to tackle your unique challenges.

    We do this through:
    1. Problem Analysis to understand the key organizational & leadership needs in order to design an intervention that best supports you.
    2. Program Design using the latest research and trends in leadership and adult learning theory to design an impactful program that can be directly translated back to your day-to-day work.
    3. Delivery where your leaders gain world-class training and practical classroom experience to grow into the leaders that take your organization into the future.
    4. Evaluation of the program to see what impact it has on your leaders and organization.
  • Latest Engagements

    The Courage Factory works with organizations across the globe to tackle some of the biggest problems faced by leaders today; ranging from creating a high-engagement culture, increasing diversity in leadership, and improving leadership skills of leaders at all levels.


    We have engaged with a wide range of leaders and organizations, including:


    Coaching Skills for Leaders

    Senior Executive Leadership Development

    Leadership Team Offsite

    Impact Hub Berlin

    Leadership Coaching

    Parity Technologies

    Leadership Coaching

    Center for Creative Leadership

    Virtual Leadership Academy

    General Assembly

    Learning Experience Design

    GIZ & ENAP

    Mentors & Mentees, Virtual Leadership, Inspiring Leadership, Executive Coaching


    Leadership Coaching

    Web 3 Foundation

    Leadership Coaching


    Leadership Development Program & Group Coaching

    BCB Group

    Leadership Development Program & Group Coaching

    Remy Cointreau

    Leadership Team Development

    WWF Germany

    Organizational Development

    World Bank Group

    Female Leadership Development

    Groupe Chantelle

    Effective Team Communication & Future of Work

    The Coaching Fellowship

    Alumni Community Engagement

    Ray Allen

    Building Confidence & Career Development

    WWF International

    Growth & Fundraising


    Culture Change & Empowerment

    Dojo Bali

    Coaching Skills for Leaders

    Deutsche Telekom

    Leadership in Digital Transformation

    Leadership Skills & Culture

    IE Business School

    Leading Virtual Teams


    Innovation & Behavioral Change

    World Economic Forum

    Team Cohesion & Collaboration

    Ride Berlin

    Founder and Brand Vision & Values

    Shop Direct

    Leading Through Change


    Leadership Development Program Facilitation & Coaching

  • About Us

    The Courage Factory is dedicated to helping people lead with confidence, courage, and purpose.

    Amanda Parker, Founder of The Courage Factory, is a Transformational Coach and Facilitator. She founded The Courage Factory, an organization dedicated to helping leaders clarify and connect to their inner purpose to find more fulfillment in their work & life, after experiencing the drawbacks of poor leadership on an organization's impact.


    She empowers leaders to transcend insecurity and self-doubt, guiding them to a place of grounded confidence and unwavering trust in their inner wisdom.


    With over 15 years of experience in Leadership Development, Coaching, and Project Management, Amanda will help you identify the exact mindset, skills, and behaviors your leaders need to be successful and drive greater impact.

  • Still want to learn more? Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn.

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