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    The Courage Factory has created numerous free masterclasses and tools to support you in your leadership transformation. These are updated regularly so keep checking back for more!

  • Learn How to Set Powerful Goals

    Do you know how to set impactful goals? Do you know how to achieve your goals? Understanding what matters most to you in your life from the distant future helps you get some pretty clear perspective about what's important for you today.


    Watch this fireside chat where Lilly Vakilli interviews Amanda Parker about her unique viewpoint on creating meaningful goals, and how she helps her clients to make sure the goals they set are truly aligned with the life they want to live.

  • Better Leadership Made Simple

    Download the 5 Ways to Be a Better Leader today to start implementing simple changes that will improve your effectiveness as a leader.


    This workbook contains five valuable exercises and simple changes to help you become a better leader today.

  • Rules of Engagement Guide

    Get your team aligned and committed to your business goals by co-creating how you can best work together.


    This guide contains a step-by-step process, guiding questions, a blank template, and checklist to help you co-create the Rules of Engagement with your team today.

  • Grounding Meditation

    Find balance with this Grounding Meditation.


    Taking a few moments for meditation can help you feel more centered, grounded, and calm - even in moments of extreme stress.


    Download this Grounding Meditation to find balance, inner calm, and feel centered so that you can show up for yourself and others how you want to.

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