• Keynotes to Inspire & Transform

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    Want to engage your team, organization, or audience with an inspiring and engaging talk? Amanda creates memorable experiences for audiences to take their own self-awareness and courage deeper, brining in valuable insights, exercises, and impactful tools that help people walk away inspired & motivated.


    Here are some topics Amanda speaks about:

    • Uncover Your Inner Truth and Step Into Your Power
    • Align Your Visions and Values for Fulfillment
    • Journey Inward to Discover Your Inner Purpose
    • Release Limiting Beliefs to Embrace Your Magic
    • Lead with Heart, Courage and Authenticity
    • Infuse Your Work with Meaning, Passion and Magic

    Amanda blends unconventional and spiritual practices with modern techniques to provide magical, experiential events that activates potential and purpose for audiences ready to:

    • Rediscover their sense of purpose and meaning
    • Crystallize and boldly pursue expanded visions
    • Break through barriers to unlock their hidden gifts
    • Infuse their work with passion and joyful self-expression
    • Operate from a place of creative possibilities

  • About Amanda

    Amanda Parker, Founder of The Courage Factory and Host of the Don't Step on the Bluebells Podcast, is a Transformational Coach and Facilitator. She founded The Courage Factory, an organization dedicated to helping leaders clarify and connect to their inner purpose to find more fulfillment in their work & life, after experiencing the drawbacks of poor leadership on an organization's impact.


    She empowers leaders to transcend insecurity and self-doubt, guiding them to a place of grounded confidence and unwavering trust in their inner wisdom.


    With over 15 years of experience in Leadership Development, Coaching, and Project Management, Amanda will help you identify the exact mindset, skills, and behaviors your leaders need to be successful and drive greater impact.

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  • Hear Amanda in Action

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    Don't Step on the Bluebells Podcast

    Listen to Amanda interview transformational healers, guides, and spiritual practitioners on her podcast all about personal transformation and healing.

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    YouTube Channel

    Watch Amanda in action on her YouTube Channel all about personal and business leadership practices.

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