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You’re Probably Already Meditating Daily

· Personal Growth

People scoff at meditation. They think you need to be running around like a hippie, ignoring your day-to-day responsibilities and living at one with the world. While indeed that is one way to bring meditation into your life, it is certainly not the only one.

I want to share with you how I meditate. For those who already have a practice that works for them, congratulations! For everyone else who knows that it’s meant to be good for you, but you just don’t know how to do it, or don’t want to take up so much of your precious time with meditating, this is for you.

I don’t believe there is one, or even five, ways to meditate. I believe there are infinite ways. I believe that every time I enter the spin studio and focus solely on the instructor, turning my brain off to the events of my day, I am meditating. I believe that every time I am writing or creating and am in flow, I am meditating. I believe that when I lay down and close my eyes allowing myself to stop the inner chatter and just breathe, I am meditating.

Meditation can come to us in so many different forms. It is not a strict pattern or habit, it shows up at different moments in time, and sometimes we recognize it, and sometimes we don’t. The benefit, of course, is having a moment to yourself to breathe, relax, release tension, and reset your mind. To allow your cortisol levels to reduce and to allow air and blood to circulate freely through your body.

Meditation gives you time to subconsciously sort out the matters of the day, while giving your brain a break from being involved.

I recently started using a wonderful app called Insight Timer, thanks to a recommendation from a good friend of mine. While I used to search for the “Calming” or “Stress” meditations, I decided to get a bit more playful and explore what different options are available to me. I’ve played around with meditations focused on white light healing energy, sound healing, Yoga Nidra sleep techniques, and sounds of nature. Every single meditation brought me something unique, however the most important common thread is that each one of them brought me to a place of total relaxation and Zen.

I could actually feel my heart rate slow down, I could sleep deeper, I could wake up more refreshed. I am not writing to get on the bandwagon of telling you WHY you should meditate and HOW you should do it, but rather to tell you that there are so many different ways to consider meditation in your life. In fact, don’t even call it meditation, call it absolutely anything you want – but if you are allowing yourself to relax, be present, and let the worries of the day slip away, you are receiving the benefits your body needs to come back to center and tackle all the things you need to get done on a daily basis.

If you’ve been averse to getting involved with the “meditation trend”, consider where else in your life you might be experiencing this feeling of peace and calm – and think about how to integrate it more intentionally into your day.

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