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Two Mentors Who Greatly Impacted My Business & Life

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Alchemy was created from a wealth of personal experience and following the wisdom and expertise of talented humans in the fields of leadership, transformation, and mindfulness.

My own personal journey of transformation began just a few years ago when I realized I was in the wrong job, working on the wrong projects, and felt a deep and unsettling sense of frustration and overwhelm.

I began to search for ways to get out of my rut and find deeper meaning in my work and life.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my own journey to become a coach would open up the door to such unimaginable transformation that my life, just a few years later, would look absolutely nothing like it did when I started out on this journey.

For starters, I left Berlin, moved to Singapore, did an intensive training to become a Co-Active Coach, traveled around Asia for about 7 months, completing my first Reiki training in Bangkok only a few months later. The combination of these two powerful experiences was mind-blowing.

That coupled with my first-ever experience working as a freelancer and building up my own business truly rocked me to my core.

For the first time in my life, I had to reckon with my deep seated imposter syndrome, feeling like I had no idea what I was doing and that everyone else had figured it out. I was plagued by my age-old perfectionism, and terrified to ask people to give me money for the work I did – even if I already had feedback that I was a powerful coach.

I continued to search externally for the answers. I built up my educational portfolio, hired coaches, a sales coach, and sought advice and wisdom from every corner of the globe.

It was difficult to see my way through this feeling of fear of failure and impatience to succeed.

What I did know was that I was courageous, I had a gift for listening deeply and asking powerful questions, and people generally liked being around me. Everything else was up in the air.

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Early last year, still searching for my answers, I began working with a hugely impactful business coach and Rapid Transformation Therapist (among so many other things), Pooja Lankers, who finally encouraged me to slow down, rather than speeding up. She helped me explore deep meditation to follow my intuition, rather than seeking solutions externally.

With Pooja’s help, I was able to find stillness. I took the time to go within, I defined the core tenets of my life and established healthy rituals and practices that formed the baseline of my own personal awakening. I felt myself falling deeply into meditation and feeling connected to a universal energy in a way I hadn’t experienced since learning Reiki.

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Couple that with a profoundly impactful program I did with Robert Ellis known as Coaching From Essence, where Robert teaches his deep wisdom on how to build a deeply impactful coaching practice that helps leaders to find their essence and show up to their business / life / family / you name it with their whole heart.

Robert taught what it means to lead a big-hearted practice — coming from a place of abundance and generosity. He also taught me to build a business I truly love, one in which I am inspired by the clients I work with.

I am grateful to have had two powerful teachers enter my life at a time when I was ready for deeper grounding and meaning. They have both played a role in my journey to make The Courage Factory even more impactful and to finally create Alchemy – a transformational leadership program - that had been building in my mind for years.

After watching firsthand how clients (and friends) continue to show up to their business and life with half of their heart, and seeing the profoundly upsetting impact it has on their confidence and overall happiness, I know that the wisdom I gained from working with these two beautiful souls has empowered me to make Alchemy even more impactful.

None of us is in this human experience to tread lightly — we are hungry for meaning and fulfillment. And for those who don’t yet have that sense of true joy in their life (and even for those who do) transformation is the only way forward.

If you are a coach or leader who wants to do deeply impactful work, Robert’s Coaching from Essence program opens again March 19–21st — you can apply to join today.

If you are looking for a life-changing experience, you can work with Pooja in a one-time RTT session or a 5-Week Intensive to truly and deeply transform your life.

Amanda Parker is the Founder of The Courage Factory and a catalyst for human transformation through her coaching and leadership work with leaders & entrepreneurs.


Whenever you’re ready, I can help you activate your courage to truly transform the way you lead your business and life.

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