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Now is the Time to Surrender

Stop fighting and start allowing.

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I have been feeling blocked the last few weeks. Many of my colleagues, clients, and friends have been experiencing the same. There is a stillness, but more than being still – there is a feeling of being stuck. There is little movement. Plans and programs and roadmaps have come to a halt – and it is difficult to push forward.

In fact, it isn’t the right time for pushing. It is the right time for surrendering to this energy. To stopping what we’re doing and to taking a look inside to see what could be holding us back and to be with the reality and discomfort of being still.

I have been working on my own practices and habits – to build up my resilience and my reliance on my own inner voice, as opposed to the voices of those around me. I have tools, I have processes, I have practices and habits that guide me. And yet, despite all of these resources at my fingertips, I find that some days still feel like glue.

And rather than fight these days, as I’ve been known to do, I put my feet up and ask, “What would feel good today?”

I started trusting that even on the days when everything feels motionless, there is immense gratification in succumbing to the stillness and to trust that the movement will come back.

I am a highly sensitive person, which means that I am particularly attuned to the shifts in the universe and in the energy of those around me. I feel the moods of other people – and despite my training to protect my own state of being, I often take in the moods and energy of others.

This feeling of being stuck is universal, not solely my own.

We are experiencing a shift in our way of being. A transformation of how things were to how things will be in the future. And we are all along for the ride.

So if you, too, are experiencing a standstill – a feeling of motionlessness – allow it to win, even if just for a moment. Sit still. And focus on your own deep inner work. The work that brings you closer to who you are at your core, your essence. Focus on the spiritual or meditative practices that connect you to a source of energy that flows outside of yourself. Find the habits that lift you up and hold them close to your heart.

Stop fighting and start allowing. And in that space of discomfort you will find peace and inner strength and a deep sense of knowing.

Trust me, I am finding it too.