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Connect with Nature to Reconnect to Yourself

And feel more alive

· Personal Growth

A good portion of my career was spent in nature conservation. I would travel to South America a few times a year to work with colleagues on protecting the forest and wetlands of various countries from being converted for agricultural production.

I had such privilege to work for an organization focused on preserving the world's most beautiful nature - and never took a moment in that time to recognize the healing impact nature had on me. I did learn, however, how to truly appreciate the moments I was granted to spend time in the Pantanal, the Atlantic Forest, the Chiquitano, the Galapagos...and to recognize how energized I felt at the end of each trip to the field.

I was a woman on a mission. I loved my team. I loved the field work. And I loved that I had this beautiful duality of life in Europe and life in South America.
Every day on the job was a privilege. And every trip into nature was rejuvenating. I was awe struck every time I stepped into the forest (or stood at the edge of a glacier!) This is something that I recognize I don’t get enough of these days.

When I allow myself to fully immerse myself in nature, I feel peaceful, calm, and centered. Every time my feet touch the ground or the wind whips my face I feel my heart rate slow down and I feel an aliveness - different from the one I experience in the city.

When do you feel most connected to your aliveness? How do you honor it?

Amanda is Leadership Coach. She loves loves helping career-driven women clarify their vision and summon the courage to make big changes in their lives. She also loves cats.

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