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Focusing on New Skills & Tools Does not Make You a Great Leader

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One of my clients came to me when he was relatively new to his leadership position and wanted to be a more impactful leader. He had his own ideas about what it meant to be a good leader, but didn’t know exactly which skills he’d need to develop in order to become one.

We started our work together more strategically, discussing what it meant to be a good leader, why it was important to him, and what he believed he needed to do in order to improve.

Throughout our coaching, I dug deeper, beneath the surface, to uncover the person behind the “leadership” façade. To truly get to know what it was that this leader’s heart beat for and to help him realize all of the valuable skills and traits that he already had, many of which displayed great leadership.

By getting more deeply in touch with what he loved and what he was naturally already great at, we were able to increase his confidence at work, to believe more deeply in his own leadership capacity, and to allow him to bring this self-trust and open dialogue into his team.

I realized then that the problem wasn’t so much what skills one needs to be a better leader, but how can people trust themselves more to show up as leaders in their businesses and lives.

Most leadership development programs focus on skills and tools to improve leadership. What they lack is the foundational deep inner work to help leaders build up a greater sense of self-trust and confidence that allows them to lead with conviction.

As leaders, we face difficult decisions and unprecedented challenges at every turn. Take Corona as an example, no one could have adequately prepared for the impact this virus would have on a global scale. There was no rulebook and no guidance to follow that would guarantee a positive outcome. The leaders with the most experience had as little idea about what to do as those who were just starting out.

What has stood out between leaders who have handled our current crisis successfully and those who have floundered is the amount of time spent on mindfulness and acting from a place of inner calm and grounding, rather than acting out of emotional distress and lack of vision.

Alchemy is designed to take leaders on an inward journey to learn practical mindfulness, increase self-awareness, and learn leadership tools that unlock your full potential in your business and life.

This program provides practical tools that can be applied immediately to your work and life, beginning with a deep foundation of mindfulness and managing your energy, discovering the core building blocks to create the life of your dreams, and then taking practical steps to create your new reality.

Alchemy is a highly interactive live (online) program that includes group coaching, experiential exercises, smaller group masterminds, ongoing discussions and feedback, and reflective writing activities.

Alchemy allows for deep transformation through easy-to-digest, practical content. The exercises, resources, and practices you’ll learn will help you to:

  • Experience greater happiness and fulfillment
  • Handle stress
  • Become more self-aware
  • Manage your emotions
  • Develop empathy
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Increase focus and attention
  • Build resilience in the face of challenges

Alchemy is focused on less theory and more transformation.

Amanda Parker is the Founder of The Courage Factory. She is also the creator of the Alchemy Leadership Program.

Alchemy is an 8-week online leadership program for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to access their inner wisdom and transform their leadership.

Want to transform your leadership? Join us in Alchemy — kicking off March 15th.