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I Made So Many Mistakes When I First Lead Virtually

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The year is 2011, and I’ve just moved to Germany to lead an international conservation project that is, by any definition, a dream come true. I was scared out of my mind - in a country where I knew no one, unable to speak the language, and about to lead a project where I felt like a complete and total imposter.

I was in over my head and believed I had possibly oversold my capabilities and didn’t really deserve the role. Even in my interview the question came up, “You’re just so young - are you sure you can really handle the role?” Leaving aside the judgement on my age, my own insecurities were magnified. Could I handle it?

And with absolutely no guidance whatsoever, no training manual, no process to follow, no step-by-step “here’s how you start a project”, I dove in. I was leading a project with a team that was continents away from me - trying everything I could to be the best team leader and project manager I could be.

And let me tell you, I made so many mistakes! I was acting on pure instinct and passion - working my butt off, wanting to do a great job, but feeling like I was all over the place. I needed some support, some guidance - someone to help me learn and grow in a way that would not only build me up as a leader, but would also support my team to be able to do their work.

I led my projects remotely, I picked up what new skills I could here and there, and I tried out new techniques to keep my team engaged and on track. Half the time I felt like an imposter, and half the time I felt on top of the world. With so much powerful leadership in the world I was sure there must be an easier way to learn how to be a leader. The only problem, however, was that I didn’t know where to even begin looking.

It’s been nine years since I took on that role. Nine years of working with global teams and leaders all striving to make an impact in the world. Nine years of learning best practices and models for what helps a team thrive together and keeps leaders passionate and free from burnout. Nine years since I realized the true impact of what it takes to be a truly awesome virtual leader.

That’s why I am so excited to share what I know with you in Leading Virtual Teams. It’s more than an online course, it’s a conversation starter for better leadership and learning exactly what you need to be great at what you do and lead your team to a better future.

This is your opportunity, dear %FIRSTNAME%, to stop the guesswork and feeling like you’re all over the place without a map and learn exactly what you need to be a great virtual leader.

Amanda is an Online Leadership Coach who helps leaders connect to their inner essence and purpose to do more meaningful and impactful work in the world.