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Battling Information Fatigue

When you already have everything you need, but feel overwhelmed by how much information is out there for what you could do better.

· Personal Growth

Running a business can be scary. When you start you don’t always know who your ideal client is or who needs what you have to offer. It’s unclear what will get people to sign up with you - even if you have a ton of experience and KNOW you are good at what you do. It can be difficult to get people to believe you are truly the best of the best and that they should entrust you with their hard earned money to help them get the results (or meet the needs) they want.

It can also be a lonely journey - if someone else isn’t walking alongside you in the business building process and it’s hard to find feedback that what you are doing is working or isn’t working. And when you look for support online, you find a ton of programs speaking directly TO YOU about each and every insecurity you are currently feeling.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do to build your business?


Are you feeling like there are too many options for what to do and you just want a checklist to make things simpler?


Are you struggling to get the right clients in the door?


All of these questions can be triggering. Which is what a) makes them great marketing questions and b) increases the sense of overwhelm as a new entrepreneur. The feeling that everyone else somehow has it figured out except you. Everyone else has the “quick and easy solution” to whatever it is you are trying to solve - and if only you could invest just a small % of your annual income, you too can be certain and clear about the right way forward.

I fall into this trap all the time. On the days when running a business feels scary or overwhelming I dive deep into the dark corners of the internet searching for someone who can make it all seem simple and easy and therefore help me get a leg up on my journey to success and fulfillment. I forget that actually, I’ve already done a lot. I know enough. I have all the tools I need. I am complete as I am and no amount of course materials, podcasts, blogs, or books will change the fact that I ALREADY HAVE AND KNOW ENOUGH.

So when the overwhelming amount of information and noise becomes too much for me - and I feel paralyzed from being able to make decisions or take action. I sit back, reflect on what I am experiencing (usually through journaling) and try to understand why I am suddenly out of flow.

This is my process today. I have found myself feeling stifled and blocked - and thrust into the depths of overwhelm. And so I am recognizing that whenever I start to let the noise in from outside - the cacophony of opinions, ideas, best practices, tips, tools, tricks, checklists, and wisdom from people I admire (and some that I care about deeply) - I stop creating. The very thing that gives me life.

So today I am saying that I am enough. That I know enough. That I already have all the tools and insights that I need to take myself forward. I am refocusing my energy on what I know and what I do well and turning down the frequency of sounds from the outside.

This is my entrepreneurial journey. I get to decide what I let in based on what gives, or takes away, my energy. And today I am deciding that I give myself energy.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, how do you come back to center and regroup? What works for you?

Amanda is a Leadership Coach on a mission to humanize the workplace. She empowers people clarify their vision and unlock their potential to make transformational changes.

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