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Community is not an Accident it is Cultivated

· Personal Growth

People often comment that it's amazing that I have so many friends or colleagues around the world. Every city I go to, it seems, that I know at least one person who can either show me around, help me out, or introduce me to someone who can. I'm often told this with disbelief. And the truth is, sometimes it even surprises me how fortunate I am to have such strong bonds across the globe. I have yet to arrive in a city where I don't feel welcomed and at home.

I don’t pretend this is an accident, and I never say that I am “lucky”. I know that every single relationship I have, wherever in the world it may be, was chosen by me. I have accumulated beautiful, brilliant, inspiring, caring individuals in my life. I am grateful for every person who I have connected with, regardless of how frequently we speak. I know in my heart that this global family I have created for myself will catch me and lift me up no matter the circumstance.

I was incredibly fortunate to have such supportive friends who gave me a place to sleep when I spent most of 2018 in Asia – and hadn’t yet started earning any money in my business, and for the beautiful humans who changed their daily routine to accommodate my travels to their home cities – giving me a place to rest my head, or accompanying me for a portion of my journey.

I fully believe that we attract what we need when we need it, and that only when we are ready for it – do we recognize the value and beauty. That is why I continue to learn and grow from each new encounter. Each person that I meet or reconnect with brings something to my life – wisdom, insight, friendship, whatever it may be. I always have more to learn. More to experience. More to be excited about and grateful for.

I often find myself journaling about just how grateful I am for the life I’ve created. For the people who have enabled, empowered, and supported me to be where I am today – an entrepreneur on a journey to greatness - just beginning to discover the ways in which I want my own magic touch to impact the world.

How do you experience gratitude for the people you have in your life? What beauty do you recognize in others?

Amanda is a purpose-driven entrepreneur on a mission to humanize the workplace. She helps purpose-driven scaleups to create an empowering, high-engagement culture that inspires individuals to show up with passion, purpose, and creativity every day.

She also works with badass humans to activate their courage and take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

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