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You Don't Have To Be An Island To Be Successful

The Power of Community

· Personal Growth

None of us is an island. This is something I’ve been learning more and more recently. I’ve always had a great support system and consider myself very lucky for that. I have a wonderful family who empowers me to follow my dreams, and amazing friends who are there for me on the good and the bad days. I am not alone. I have my people.

Truth is, even though I’ve always had this system around me, I didn’t always recognize that I wasn’t really alone. I make a lot of choices in my life that are out of the ordinary. I’ve moved countries a few times, I’ve changes careers a few times, I don’t like to follow the conventional path, or what people might “expect” me to do.

I used to feel like I was trailblazing alone. Forging my own path with no one else in tow. That’s a heavy burden to carry – if you are always blazing a new path on your own. And yet, so many of us do it. We act as though we are an island – separated from the rest of the world and the rest of our community.

We continuously push – an uphill battle – never taking a moment to reflect on who is surrounding us that might make this battle easier to fight.

Only recently have I started to reassess my “island mentality” and recognize just how many people I have walking alongside me, pushing me up the hill when it feels to high for me to make it on my own. I always wanted to prove I could do it alone. I don’t know who I was trying to prove it to, but time and again, I fell into the loving, caring, empowering hands of those who love me – who would be there to listen, to support, to nurture, and to lift back up whenever I needed it.

I do not exist in a vacuum. I do not need to fight my battles alone. I do not need to feel overwhelmed or overburdened with the things I just don’t know how to tackle. I have my family and my community surrounding me to lift me up and remind me just how strong and powerful I am.

This may seem basic to many of you, but for me it was a massive mindset shift to remind myself I don’t have to go it alone and it’s okay to ask for help when I need it.

How do you enlist the support of your community to empower you in your life?

Amanda is a purpose-driven entrepreneur on a mission to humanize the workplace. She supports businesses to create workspaces where people are inspired to show up with full heart and purpose every day. She also works with badass humans to activate their courage and take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

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