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Autumn is the Best Time to Create Your New Beginning

· Personal Growth

We often hear how Spring is a time for rejuvenation, rebirth, renewal – and somehow neglect to see how Fall is much of the same. We’ve had time to relax, recover, enjoy some sun (if some of you are as lucky as we have been in Germany this summer you would have had a very warm and sunny summer, indeed!) And come September it’s time to get back to work. To rejoin the world of the living and the productive, and to plant ourselves back at our desk to create magic.

I used to view the fall differently. I remember it as a time of endings. When I was younger, I would often feel depressed as the days shortened and. I felt a loss of freedom that only summer can afford you. I would see my prison cell before me (whether it was a classroom or my office desk) and count down the days until the bleak winter would again begin and rob me of my joy.

Wow – that’s dark!

Today I see a different autumn before me. I’ve had a beautiful summer full of visits to the lake, travels with friends and family, and enjoying iced lattes and ice cream as often as I liked. On this crisp September morning I’ve got a hot cup of tea before me as I sit down at my desk, feeling excited for what the cooler days and shorter sunlight hours will bring me. For, surely, as I am in flow with my business and aligned with my purpose, I feel excited for what I will be able to create as the season’s change.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere (though with a loving wave hello to my good friends down under!) How are you approaching autumn this year? How do you want to show up as summer fades away and the daylight hours begin to shrink?

Do you feel ready to create a new beginning this autumn?

Amanda is a purpose-driven entrepreneur on a mission to humanize the workplace. She helps purpose-driven scaleups to create an empowering, high-engagement culture that inspires individuals to show up with passion, purpose, and creativity every day.

She also works with badass humans to activate their courage and take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

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