• Are you a passionate, inspired, and unconventional leader who has wild ambitions and a big-heart?

    Alchemy was created just for you.

  • Say hello to Alchemy Coaching. The 1:1 Coaching Experience to bring your inner essence and brilliance to light.


    This 8-Week Online Program will help you learn exactly what it takes to bring your full heart to your work and become an inspiring and transformational leader.


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  • How would it feel to show up to your life with limitless energy and creativity and to step fully into your power?

  • Alchemy is a high-touch, life-changing online leadership program designed to give you a deep and powerful experience, with less theory and more transformation.

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  • The Courage Factory has worked with leaders in these global organizations

  • Inspiring Transformations


    Entrepreneur & Founder

    "I clearly understand what I want to do in life (hard to beat that with a sequel). I am generally a happier person. I understand my priorities better. Though there is much room for improvement, and much to be done, I like who I see in the mirror every morning. Amanda is a great coach who genuinely cares about what she does and uses her craft to help others. If she can help me, she can help anybody."


    Entrepreneur & Mother

    "Thanks for being in my life. You help me feel good about myself and I love that you push me and challenge me. I give you permission to push harder and challenge me more. I’m ready. I want it!"


    Writer & Business Developer

    "Coaching has been extremely meaningful to me. I feel more "awake" than I have in a long time. That can be both exhilarating and painful, but there's no question it's an improvement. There have been so many big insights for me that feel like guideposts I'll use for the rest of my life."

  • Alchemy launches on July 15, 2020

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