• Hi, I'm Amanda!

    I'm a multi-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur.

    I help purpose-driven scaleups develop their leaders and create a high-engagement culture. I also empower highly ambitious humans to activate their courage.

  • Entrepreneur and Brand Coach, 20's

    "Amanda has a knack for asking really powerful questions that lead you to your own solutions. What I’ve found from my time with Amanda is, she helps me see that I already know the answer to some of my biggest challenges. She guides me to my own solutions by holding space for me and asking questions that help me see things from a different perspective. She gets me out of my own head. She’s gifted at what she does. Five stars”

    Entrepreneur and Consultant, 30's

    "Coaching with Amanda was a blast. I had not expected to get so much value out of only one session. Amanda's structured and very professional style, her smart way of asking just the right questions and seeing connections where I myself was blocked, helped me tons. I would always recommend it!"

    Business Owner, 30s

    "Amanda is an inspiring coach to work with. She provides a safe and supportive environment, and I trust her fully. I had been carrying some guilt around for a while, which blocked moving forwards. We spent time working on this and through her coaching, I could go much deeper. Felt a lightness and clarity after our sessions. Her coaching is a powerful experience."

    Project Manager, 30's

    "Amanda came into my life as a breath of fresh air. Full of positive energy and indestructible faith in her own and my abilities. After a long time in a company of bullies and toxic working environments, she helped me remember and re-discover my true self. Amanda is very professional, genuine, insightful and empathetic. She "walks the talk" and makes working with her fun! If you are looking for inspiration, energy boost and/or to reorganize your thoughts and goals - the Courage Factory is what you need. Amanda will pour all she has (and some more) into you and you will come out on the other end feeling empowered, secure and overflowing with excitement for what the future holds!"

    Senior Executive, 50's

    "Your coaching style is very powerful - pushing me and pushing me. I didn't even know what coaching was and you pushed me to come up with answers on my own. So powerful"


    Screenwriter, 30s

    "Amanda Parker offers a toolbox of skills that help identify and unblock self-limiting set of beliefs. Her natural curiosity, her engaging warmth and her abundant enthusiasm make her a great coach to work with. Amanda is mindful of time and diligent with commitment. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”


  • Amanda Parker

    Founder, The Courage Factory

    Amanda empowers people to clarify their vision, unlock their potential, and activate the courage to make transformational change. She helps people who have already achieved a lot in their life and are feeling stuck or unsure of what to do next. Amanda has always motivated others through the bold moves she’s made in her life and career. She inspires people to believe that they, too, can take courageous action and transform their lives.


    What makes a good leader? Amanda believes that good leaders are willing to be courageous - to push past the status quo for their organizations and for their teams. In order for leaders to be courageous they must be authentic and truly understand what drives them. By diving into their personal values and vision, leaders can choose to engage and inspire others.


    Amanda has lived many lives over her professional career: working as a project manager for large-scale financial services and pharmaceutical clients at Digitas in NYC and for WWF Germany, managing multi-year multi-million euro conservation projects. She also developed the organizational development strategy (OD) for for WWF Germany, supporting OD work for key network partners across the globe. Before starting her own business, Amanda was the Director of Product Design for May & Company, a leadership design consultancy designing and delivering world-class leadership programs to multilateral organizations, NGOs, and large private sector clients.


    Amanda completed her Executive Masters of Business Administration with IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and holds a Certificate in Change Leadership from Cornell University. Amanda is trained as a Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute based in California.


    Amanda has taken leaps of faith, leaving both industries and countries where she felt comfortable to follow her own life purpose and to align more closely with her values. She understands better than anyone the courage it takes to leave behind comfort and security and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Amanda strives to empower others to do the same - both for themselves and for their organizations.


    She founded The Courage Factory with the vision to increase the impact of leadership on individuals and organizations. She strongly believes every single person has the potential to be a leader - and that the best way to uncover the leader within is through experiential learning and coaching.


    Amanda is originally from New York and has worked across Latin America, Europe, and Asia and has lived in Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, and Germany. Amanda is currently engaging clients across the globe.


    To learn more about Amanda, please check out her personal website or LinkedIn.

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